Fun & Funny—Learn the Differences in Meaning and Natural Alternatives


The words 'fun' and 'funny' can be a bit mind boggling! We use them in different situations, and for people, things and situations! How confusing. However, it doesn't stop there. Even if you use these words correctly, the truth is that they're a little overused. 


Check out the vocabulary section to read the examples you heard in the video, and some extra ones too! Use the natural alternative Trudie taught you, and your English will sound so much better in no time. 


Want to check your understanding? Want to test your listening skills? Check out the bonus content section for a worksheet and the answers!






  1. fun (thing, e.g. activity, event, etc.) (adjective)

    → If something is fun it’s enjoyable, entertaining or amusing and usually makes you happy and smile

    I had such a fun weekend.

    We won't let a bit of rain spoil our fun.

    Let’s have a party again next month, I had so much fun!

    Studying for exams is no fun. I wish I could go out and party like my friends.

    Last night was fun, we should do it again sometime.

    It's no fun getting up at 4 a.m. on a cold, rainy morning.

  2. fun (person) (adjective)

    → A fun person is someone who is enjoyable to be around, involved in entertaining activities and not too serious.

    My boss is pretty fun, we always hang out after work.

    She’s so much fun; she’s so energetic and enthusiastic. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around, that’s for sure!

    She tries so hard to be fun but she doesn’t realised we like her just the way she is.

  3. funny (thing, e.g. film, YouTube video. joke, etc.) (adjective)

    → If something is funny it makes you laugh

    You have to check out this clip, it’s so funny, I’m dying.

    I could have really hurt myself when I tripped.

    Stop laughing, it’s not funny

  4. funny (person) (adjective)

    → A funny person is someone who makes lots of jokes and witty remarks.

    I hope Dylan comes for a drink, he’s so funny.

    No matter how disastrous the situation there always seems to be a funny side to it.

    People find James Corden really very funny but I don’t really think he is.

    I always crack up whenever I’m around Rizwan. He should be a comedian!

  5. funny (person/thing) (adjective)

    → Strange, surprising, unexpected, or difficult to explain or understand

    I think I should go home, my stomach feels a bit funny.

    It's funny how Alec always disappears whenever there's work to be done.

    He's got some funny ideas about how to bring up children.

    The washing machine is making a funny noise again.

    I have a funny feeling that I failed my last exam.

    It was a funny day, the most random things happened.

    Is something wrong? You’ve been acting funny all morning.

  6. I’m not being funny but… (expression)

    → An informal sentence starter used before very honest, or perhaps rude or shocking comment

    I’m not being funny but who invited you?

    I'm not being funny or anything but I think I'd rather go on my own, I hope you understand.

    I'm not being funny, but we haven't got much time, you’d better get a move on.

  7. sm/sth is a laugh (expression)

    → (informal) If somebody/something is a laugh, it means it is/they are fun.

    You should watch the match with us, it’ll be a laugh.

    Bette is always a good laugh , she gets on with most people and can cheer anyone up.

    She dyed her hair green just for a laugh.

    You should meet Marta, she’s a laugh, you’ll love her.

  8. have a sense of humour (expression)

    → A more formal way of saying someone is funny, very common on dating apps

    (On a dating app): I’m looking for someone on a dating map.

    Whatever you do, no matter how old you are, don't lose your sense of humour.

    I can't stand people with no sense of humour.

    What first attracted me to her was her sense of humour.

    She’s so nice and has a great sense of humour, too.

  9. hilarious (adjective)

    → Extremely funny

    Last night was hilarious, you should have come.

    Our attempts at dancing were hilarious; we all kept tripping over each other.

    The most hilarious scene was when the pig ran into the shop.

    I've just read his autobiography, it’s absolutely hilarious. He’s such a natural writer.

    Her new boyfriend is hilarious.

  1. Who’s the funniest person you know?

  2. What do you think about people who don’t have a sense of humour?

  3. What’s your funniest memory?

  4. Do you get annoyed with people how constantly make jokes, or do you enjoy it?

  5. Who’s the least fun person you know?