‘Notify’ or ‘Notice’? —Are you making this fatal error?


The words 'notice' [verb], 'notice' [noun], 'notification' [noun] and 'notification' [noun], and the differences between them can be a bit puzzling. With our extensive materials, learn about this more in depth, practise using them and improve your conversation skills.

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  1. notice (noun)

    → : [countable] a sheet of paper giving written or printed information, usually put in a public place

    The company has issued warning notices saying that all water should be boiled due to the storm.

  2. notice (verb)

    → : (not usually used in the progressive tenses) [intransitive, transitive] to see or hear somebody/something; to become aware of somebody/something

    People were making fun of him but he didn't seem to notice.

  3. notify (verb)

    → : [often passive] (formal) to formally or officially tell somebody about something

    Members have been notified that there will be a small increase in the fee.

  4. recognise (verb)

    → : (not used in the progressive tenses) to know who somebody is or what something is when you see or hear them or it, because you have seen or heard them or it before

    I recognised him from the photo in the paper.

  5. notification (noun)

    → [uncountable, countable] (formal) : official information of something; the act of giving or receiving this information

    They failed to give notification of their intention to demolish the building.

  6. notification (noun)

    → : [countable] an automated message sent by an app to inform the user of a new message, update, etc.

    You will receive a notification when your package is delivered.

  1. Do you still use/look at notices in supermarkets, shops, other public places, etc. or do you do everything online?

  2. Have you ever notified the police of something suspicious?

  3. Does it bother you if people don't notice you've had your hair cut?