Idiom of the Week Podcast—‘Full Steam Ahead’



Sometimes idioms can be confusing. Because they are often metaphors, sometimes they don't make sense grammatically. They often have quite specific origins and histories as well, which is why you may not immediately understand them. This can, however, make them quite interesting!

Listen to Charlotte's brilliant explanation on the commonly used idiom 'full steam ahead'. Here you'll also see some vocabulary Charlotte used in the podcast, and perhaps some extra related word/phrases, as well.

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  1. full steam ahead (expression)

    → With as much speed or energy as possible

    So, full steam ahead, let’s get on with the podcast.

    Full steam ahead! Let's see how fast this car will go!

    We started moving full steam ahead on the project.

    We'll have to go full steam ahead if we want to get this done by the deadline!

    It took a while for solar panels to catch on for ordinary consumers, but now it's full steam ahead.

    The Government was determined to go full steam ahead with its privatisation programme.

    I’ve been going full steam ahead all day, so now I’m going to take a nice break and have a cup of tea.

    He talked full steam ahead for the next twenty minutes.

    The guests arrived early and the party went full steam ahead.

    Now that problem is out of the way, it's full steam ahead to get the job finished.

  1. Have you ever wanted to do something full steam ahead, but you haven’t had the energy?

  2. Do political leaders in your country ever use phrases like ‘full steam ahead’ when talking about their plans?

  3. When’s the last time you did something full steam ahead?