3 Useful Ways of Talking About Age and Birthdays!


Many people make mistakes when talking about birthdays and age. Here you can learn a few phrases that will help you talk about this topic. You will also learn how to use the verb 'turn' correctly as it's frequently misused. Since we all have birthdays every year, this is essential vocabulary!  

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  1. turn + [noun] (verb)

    → (not used in the progressive tenses) to reach or pass a particular age or time

    When I turned twenty, I decided to take full responsibility for myself.

    My grandma will turn one hundred this year. I can’t believe it!

    She turns twenty-one in June so she’s planning on having a huge party.

  2. welcome to/join the club (expression)

    → Said in answer to something that someone has said, meaning that you are in the same bad situation as they are

    A. I turn thirty this year, I feel so old. B. Join the club! Don’t worry, it actually gets better from now on.

    A. Now that I’m fifty it seems as if time is going more and more quickly every day. B. Welcome to the club! You really have to savour every moment.

    Welcome to the club! You’ll love being forty, don’t worry. You find out who you are and you care less what people think.

  3. age gap (noun)

    → A difference in age between two people

    Despite the age gap, romance blossomed.

    The age gap between us didn't seem to matter until we decided to have children.

    There's an age gap of ten years between me and my sister.

  1. Is there being an age gap between friends normal/unusual in your culture?

  2. If you could stay at any age forever, which age would it be?

  3. If you could live until 200, would you?